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At Alignment Systems Australia  P/L  we have been manufacturing our patented  oZishim  Pre-cut slotted shim in our Melbourne factory since  1995 .  oZishim  Pre-cut slotted shim is unique in it's design. The slots are higher than standard with an oversized concave tab allowing easier removal of the Slotted shim from under the machine foot.

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oZiShim is typically a small section of thin metal, slotted usually in the middle to accomodate the hold down bolt.

Although hard to improve on something as simple as a slotted shim, oZiShim Pre-Cut slotted shim holds some clever features over standard Pre-Cut slotted shims.

  • The Patented Pre-Cut slotted shim tab, makes it easy to align stacked oZiShim, even with one hand. Removal of oZiShim is a breeze, as the concave tab gives the operator something to grip with thumb and forefinger.
  • oZiShim Pre-Cut slotted shim thickness are clearly marked in both Metric and Imperial sizes.
  • oZiShim has been cleaned and any burs removed right down to the thinner sizes.
  • oZiShim has been fully finished off for a smooth silky feel edge.

We use them too, we dont like cut fingers either!

  • oZiShim is made from high quality 304 & 304L Taiwanese and American shimstock.
  • oZiShim is specifically rolled for our shim, keeping a tight tolerance on the thickness.
  • oZiShim Pre-Cut slotted shims have "Wide and High slots" which are less prone to damage from "Bolt Pull".
  • oZiShim also allows deeper insertion under the foot - Handy for rectangular feet. 
  • oZiShim shimstock is tested for radiation exposure at our factory. 

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oZiShim Shimstock is Radiation tested